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Express Entry Information

Thank you for your interest in the Express Entry Program for Immigration to Canada. This evaluation form is designed to assess your eligibility and potential for successful entry into Canada under the Express Entry Program. Please answer all questions accurately and to the best of your ability.


You will be provided with a complimentary evaluation of your eligibility for Canadian permanent residence under the Express Entry System, the Quebec Immigration Program, and the Provincial Nominee Programs within one to three days of completing the accompanying questionnaire.

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Applicants Form

Personal Information

Do you have children under the age of 22?

Academic Background

Field of Study / Discipline

Have you completed a post-secondary education program in Canada?
Have you completed your high school education?
Have you obtained any higher education or vocational training after completing secondary education?

Tertiary education, which follows the successful completion of secondary education (also known as high school), is additionally referred to as post-secondary education. Postsecondary education consists of trade and vocational institutions in addition to universities and colleges.

Language Proficiency

Note: Language Proficiency Tests such as IELTS, CELPIP, or TEF may be required

Have you lived in or traveled to countries where English or French is spoken?

Employment Background

Have you acquired any remunerated professional experience in the last 10 years?
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Adaptability Factors

Do you have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer?
Do you have any family members (spouse, common-law partner, or parent) living in Canada?
Do you or your spouse/common-law partner have relatives residing in Canada who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents?

Additional Information

Have you ever been refused entry into Canada or any other country?
Have you ever been involved in any immigration or visa-related fraud or misrepresentation?
Have you ever been refused entry to Canada or any other country?
Do you have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family members upon arrival in Canada?
Have you (or your spouse or common law partner or your dependent children) ever had a criminal record (arrested, charged, or convicted)?
Do you have any criminal convictions?
Do you have any medical conditions that may affect your ability to immigrate to Canada?
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense?
Have you (or your spouse or common law partner or your dependent children) ever had a serious medical condition
Have you or your spouse or common law partner previously applied for a visa to Canada?

Note: Net Worth is considered for some immigration programees



I hereby grant OGC, through its authorized immigration professionals, permission to communicate with me concerning my eligibility for Canada and to deliberate on the available alternatives and services associated with them. To the best of my knowledge, I certify that the information I have provided on this form is true and accurate. I understand that any false and misleading information may result in the rejection of my application or potential immigration consequences.

Please note that this questionnaire serves as an initial evaluation tool and does not guarantee eligibility for the Express Entry Programme. Further assessment and documentation may be required as part of the application process.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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